Who am I?

Software developer...

...that offers a versatile skill-set, including, design and full-stack development. I often find myself diving into the front-end development of projects - and I'm passionate about creating clean, accessible, and easy-to-use digital experiences.



Here are some of the exciting projects to work on


Sport gambling site dashboard

Fun fact - about 69% of men in the world make sports bets at least once


Online cinema site theme

On earth every Saturday, over 500 million people watch movies online


Cryptocurrency exchange dashboard

Cmon it`s 21 century


Support task manager

Grandmother's printer is gonna be fixed

Ask me!

Anyone can learn how to program as long as they invest enough time and effort.
A lot of free information helps to go through. This is similar to learning a foreign language; one way of doing it is to read a lot of books. The first page may be complex, with many new words, so try not to get lost. Ensure that every piece is in its place, not just one page cut off from the book. In the end, you may show it to your friend, talk about it with them and work on it.

    Stuck? Try this out:
  1. Do you have a plan for how you solve a problem?
  2. Can it be solved by dividing the problem into smaller pieces?
  3. Do you solve everything you can in your issue?

Still, stuck and do not know what to do? Feel free to write me via social networks, which you can find on this page. Working on projects with friends is a lot of fun, and in the end, I believe you can do much more for your community.